Develop real skills and drive new business formats | 2024 trenchless pipe jacking technology and pipeline detection training course concluded successfully

On January 15, the 2024 trenchless pipe jacking technology and pipeline detection training course sponsored by the Pipeline Trenchless Crossing Technology Professional Committee of China Petroleum Engineering and Construction Association was successfully concluded at Shanghai Construction Management Vocational and Technical College. People from water supply, drainage, rainwater More than 50 project management personnel, designers, supervisors, engineering technicians, and scientific researchers involved in the construction and renovation of various underground pipelines (networks) and comprehensive pipeline corridors such as electricity, heating, long-distance oil and gas, and water conservancy participated in the training and mastered it through learning Technologies related to trenchless pipe jacking and pipeline detection skills to improve the technical level and practical capabilities of trenchless related units and reduce construction risks


In recent years, the field of underground pipeline construction has risen rapidly. In order to make full use of urban underground space resources and ensure the sustainable development of the city, more and more pipelines are laid using methods such as trenchless pipe jacking. As engineering construction requirements continue to improve, manual excavation with backward technology and poor efficiency is gradually being eliminated. Trenchless technology is the first to be promoted in large and medium-sized cities, which will further open up a larger market space in the future.
As a co-organizer, Shanggong Machinery was deeply involved in this training. Since Shanggong Machinery’s PJR series micro pipe jacking rigs and PIT series press-in shaft pipe rolling machines were introduced to the market, they have gained great reputation in terms of operability, reliability, safety and efficiency. Its comprehensive competitive advantages in sex and other aspects quickly stood out in the market and won widespread favor from users everywhere.


The 2021 Central Economic Work Conference specifically emphasized that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, pipeline renovation and construction must be regarded as an important infrastructure project, and clearly required accelerating the renewal and renovation of aging pipelines in urbanization. The Department issued a policy that urban roads are not allowed to be excavated at will. The "open and gutted" method of burying pipelines is outdated. "Minimally invasive" technology is the trend and direction of pipeline laying. Trenchless technology is the "minimally invasive" technology for pipelines. Future development Broad prospects.


One who observes the situation is wise, and one who sees the trend is wise. SEMW will continue to make products in a down-to-earth manner, overcome technical barriers, provide dedicated services, forge ahead and compete in the market again, persist in going deep into the front line of the market, closely meet customer needs, continue to carry out technological innovation, and take advantage of the prosperity of the industry to work with everyone. Seek development!

PJR series micro pipe jacking drilling rig:

Micro pipe jacking is widely used in water supply and sewer pipes, branch pipes of gas pipes, electric power, communications and other pipelines. The pipe jacking construction method is to first install a pipe jacking drill in the working well, first drill the auger drill pipe into the soil along the central axis of the pipe to determine the pipe guide, and then use a helical reaming drill bit to expand the hole to the designed pipe diameter. The pipe to be laid is tight. Following the auger bit, the tool pipe digs into the soil layer under the thrust of the main oil cylinder. The excavated soil is discharged by a soil pump or screw conveyor or is discharged in the form of mud through a mud pump through a pipeline. After advancing a section of the pipe , the main jack is retracted, another section of pipe is hoisted, and the jacking continues. Repeat this process until the pipeline is laid. After the pipe laying is completed, the tool pipe is lifted from the receiving shaft to the surface. 

Performance features:
■ The construction covers a small area, does not damage existing roads, and has little impact on traffic;
■ Low construction noise, less mud discharge, little impact on the environment, and high construction safety;
■ High construction precision, advanced technology, fast construction speed and low overall construction cost.

Performance parameters


PIT series press-in shaft pipe rubbing machine:

The PIT construction method uses a rocking press-in shaft pipe rolling machine to press the special outer casing (steel cylinder) into the ground while rocking it. The foundation pit is constructed by excavating the part of the retaining steel casing. Compared with other steel sheet pile support projects, the construction method of vibration, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection highlights the excellent technology of safety, economy and efficiency. 

The PIT series press-in shaft pipe rolling machine is a new casing drilling rig independently developed by Shanggong Machinery on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology. It integrates electromechanical and hydraulic control. This machine has comprehensive functions, is flexible and lightweight, and covers the functions of various models at home and abroad. It has the characteristics of multiple speed and torque controls, automatic vertical adjustment, cutter head force control, remote wire control, etc. It is easy to operate, has no noise, low vibration, and has high performance. Superior and reliable.

Scope of application:
■ Subway foundations, deep foundation pit enclosing interlocking piles, urban reconstruction piles and obstacle removal piles, bored piles for railways, ports, roads and bridges, rivers, lakes, high-rise buildings, hydropower and water conservancy construction, and special-purpose bored piles;
■ It adopts full casing and can be constructed close to existing buildings. It is especially suitable for operations in urban areas.

Performance features:
Safe and efficient construction
■ Personnel do not need to work in the foundation pit, all operations are carried out on the ground, effectively ensuring the safety of personnel; during the construction process, the steel casing can effectively retain soil and protect the wall, effectively eliminating the hidden dangers of ground collapse and foundation sinking;
■ The equipment is flexible and light in weight and can be used for normal construction even in narrow spaces on roads. Even on foundations that lack self-reliance, there is no need for auxiliary processes such as material injection and it is suitable for construction on different types of foundations.
No vibration, low noise
The steel casing is pressed in and pulled out through hydraulic cylinder operation, which can achieve no vibration and low noise.
Superior operability ensures construction accuracy
■ Intelligent operating system helps construction workers quickly understand how the equipment operates;
■ The equipment can ensure the verticality of the steel casing through the advanced control system, provide stable pressing force for different strata, and ensure high-precision construction.

Host parameters


Hydraulic cabinet parameters


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