Hydraulic Hammer

  • H260M HM Series Hydraulic Hammer

    H260M HM Series Hydraulic Hammer

    HM Series Hydraulic Hammer
    Hydraulic hammer belongs to impact piling hammer. According to its structure and working principle, it can be divided into single acting hammer and double acting hammer. This series hydraulic pile hammer belongs to double acting type, after the hammer ram is raised to a predetermined height through the hydraulic device, it can obtain a higher impact velocity under the combined action of gravitational potential energy and elastic energy of compressed nitrogen, and improve the impact energy of hydraulic pile hammers. The double acting hydraulic pile hammer corresponds to the theory of light weight hammer, which is characterized by small weight of hammer core and high impact velocity.

  • H240S Hydraulic Hammer

    H240S Hydraulic Hammer

    H240S hydraulic hammer is a hydraulic hammer with simple structure, which uses hydraulic energy to lift the hammer core, and then hammers the pile end with gravity potential energy. Its working cycle is: lift hammer, drop hammer, injection, reset.