H260M HM Series Hydraulic Hammer

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HM Series Hydraulic Hammer
Hydraulic hammer belongs to impact piling hammer. According to its structure and working principle, it can be divided into single acting hammer and double acting hammer. This series hydraulic pile hammer belongs to double acting type, after the hammer ram is raised to a predetermined height through the hydraulic device, it can obtain a higher impact velocity under the combined action of gravitational potential energy and elastic energy of compressed nitrogen, and improve the impact energy of hydraulic pile hammers. The double acting hydraulic pile hammer corresponds to the theory of light weight hammer, which is characterized by small weight of hammer core and high impact velocity.

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Product Model: H260M

Product Model H260M H600M H800M H1000M
Max. strike energy(kJ) 260 600 800 1000
Ram Weight(kg) 12500 30000 40000 50000
Total Weight(kg) 30000 65000 82500 120000
Stroke of hammer(mm) 1000 1000 1000 1000
Max. drop hammer speed(m/s) 6.3 6.3 6.3 6.3
Dimensions(mm) 9015 10500 13200 13600
Working pressure of hydraulic cylinder(MPa) 20~25 20~25 22~26 25~28
Maximum operating frequency (bpm) 30@600LPM42@1000LPM 25@1000LPM33@1600LPM 33@1600LPM 28@1600LPM
Oil Flow(L/min) 600 1000 1600 1600
Diesel engine power(hp) 500 800 1200 1200

Technical Features
1. Low noise, low pollution, energy saving, environmental protection, reliable
Hydraulic hammer is powered by the hydraulic system. Compared with the traditional diesel pile hammer, it has the characteristics of low noise, low pollution and high energy conversion efficiency. The power pack adopts imported low emission high power engine, good economy and reliability. The pack adopts the mute technology, and the noise meets the national environmental protection requirements. The intelligent control system controls and adjusts system according to actual working condition, saving energy.

2. High degree of automation, system stability, simple operation, low fault rate
The whole machine adopts advanced intelligent microcomputer control system, flexible operation. The hammer stroke and impact time of each impact can be adjusted according to actual working conditions so as to fully release energy and obtain the optimal penetration degree.
PLC programming controller and sensor have reliable performance and good impact resistance.

3. Good system reliability and comprehensive mechanical performance
Hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve and oil cylinder seal are equipped with high quality parts and components, featuring good vibration absorbability, impact resistance and wear resistance, and high system reliability. Hammer’s material and technology for heating processing, fully consider the comprehensive mechanical properties, such like temperature, wear-resisting, vibration absorption, and the impact, etc.
High and low pressures accumulator integration compact layout and high reliability

4. Flexible configuration, wide application range and strong control ability
Suitable for a variety of piles construction, not slip pile in the soft soil foundation, it’s an environmental protection piling equipment integrating the advantages of diesel pile hammer and static pile driver. In order to facilitate the construction of piles on land, various landing gear configurations can be provided according to different construction methods and conditions of piling equipment.
The composite pile cap is convenient to be replaced, and the suitable pile cap can be changed according to the shape and specification of the pile, applicable to piles of various materials and shapes, the impact force and impact frequency of pile hammer can be adjusted and controlled at any time according to geological conditions and material strength of pile.

HM series hydraulic pile hammer is a high-performance hydraulic pile hammer designed and manufactured by Shanghai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. Its main performance reaches the international advanced level. Compared with the diesel pile hammer, the hydraulic pile hammer has the characteristics of low noise, no oil smoke, high energy transfer efficiency, long duration of pile driving in each working cycle, and easy to control the striking energy. This series of products are widely used, high controllability, high construction efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving and reliability.
Suitable for big projects, such as, cross sea bridges, oil rigs, offshore oil platforms, wind farms, deep water docks, and man-made island reclamations, etc.

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