H240S Hydraulic Hammer

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H240S hydraulic hammer is a hydraulic hammer with simple structure, which uses hydraulic energy to lift the hammer core, and then hammers the pile end with gravity potential energy. Its working cycle is: lift hammer, drop hammer, injection, reset.

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Product Model: H240S

Hydraulic hammer’s noumenon Max. strike energy(kJ) 240
Ram Weight(kg) 16000
Total Weight(kg) 27700
Stroke of hammer(mm) 1500
Max. drop hammer speed(m/s) 5.4
Maximum/Minimumoperating frequency(bpm) 60/30
Hammer ram lifting form Single cylinder ascension
Total height(mm) 7500
 Power pack Operating control Motor control
power (kW) 90×2+55+8 kW
Working pressure of hydraulic system(MPa) 26
Oil Flow(L/min) 600
Volume of hydraulic cylinder(L) 1800

Technical Features
1. Low noise, low vibration, energy saving, environmental protection, reliable.
The hydraulic hammer is powered by the hydraulic system. Compared with the traditional diesel hammer, it has the characteristics of low noise, low pollution and high energy conversion efficiency.
The power cabinet is driven by multiple motors, with good economy, reliability and overall performance.
System parameter configuration is reasonable, the working cycle pressure fluctuation is small, pipeline channeling momentum is small.
Composite pile cap with compact structure and polymer pile pad can protect the pile end to the greatest extent, especially suitable for PHC pile construction.

2. Reliability system, Excellent comprehensive mechanical performance.
Hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic cylinder with high quality accessories, with good vibration absorption, impact resistance, wear resistance and other characteristics, high system reliability;
Hammer core material and heat treatment, fully consider the temperature, wear resistance, vibration absorption, impact and other comprehensive mechanical performance factors;
High and low pressures accumulators adopt piston type, compact structure and high reliability.

3. Flexible configuration, wide application range and strong adjustment and control ability.
Composite pile cap is adopted to facilitate the replacement of pile cap, suitable pile cap can be replaced according to the shape and specification of pile, suitable for various materials and shapes of pile, the impact force and impact frequency of pile hammer can be adjusted and controlled at any time according to the geological situation and the material strength of pile.
Using combined hammer core, the maximum energy output can be customized according to customer requirements;
Hydraulic hammer control mode is optional, including relay control mode with low distribution and PLC control mode with high distribution.
Integrated control valve, quick response, high energy utilization.
Optional double action mode, high energy – core mass ratio.

H240S hydraulic hammer is compact in structure, wide in application, suitable for construction of various pile types, and widely used in pile foundation construction of buildings, Bridges, docks, etc.

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