Engineering relay battle! SEMW ultra-high pressure rotary jet drilling rig battles “major artificial intelligence project” again

Under a slanting sun

SEMW Ultra High Pressure Rotary Jet Drilling Rig

On the outer ring construction site of Huajing Town, Xuhui District, Shanghai

The water stop pile operation is carried out tensely and orderly

Following the "New Project in Shanghai Central East District"

Here is about to create a new landmark of artificial intelligence with global influence

International Smart Industry-City Convergence Zone

"Caohejing Beiyang Artificial Intelligence Town" project

In December last year, Shanghai Xuhui District officially released the "T Plan" for the construction of a new artificial intelligence highland. Among them, the two major strategic carriers, the Beiyang Artificial Intelligence Town (AI Town) project, is particularly eye-catching. The project is the goal of building a new landmark and core area of Shanghai to build a national artificial intelligence highland. Artificial intelligence has achieved a new leap from "from nothing" to "from existence to excellence", which is of great significance to the creation of an artificial intelligence technology innovation system in the future.

Project Introduction

The project is located within the outer ring of Huajing Town, Xuhui District, close to the Zhumei Road Station of Metro Line 15 under construction, and is located in the "Caohejing-Minhang Zizhu" national technological innovation belt. It is a key area for the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure in Xuhui District in recent years. The town extends to Changhua Road in the east, the Outer Ring Road in the south, Laohumin Road in the west, and Dianpu River in the north. The total planned land area is about 54.3 hectares and the total construction area is about 740,000 square meters, including about 600,000 square meters for scientific research. The leased residence is approximately 96,000 square meters, and the service facilities are approximately 44,000 square meters.


Ultra-high pressure rotary jet drilling rig enters the station and makes new achievements

In mid-August, SEMW SMJ-120 ultra-high pressure rotary jet drilling rig successfully solved the construction problems after appearing in the "Shanghai Central East New Project", now in the form of engineering relay battle, settled in the Xuhui District "Caohejing Beiyang Artificial Intelligence School" At the site of the "Town" project, relying on its strong product strength, it will accelerate the acceleration of the "Artificial Intelligence Highland New Landmark Construction" and make new achievements.

This time, the assisting task of the SEMW ultra-high pressure jet drilling rig is mainly to do water stop reinforcement work in the west area of ​​the artificial intelligence town near the subway. The SEMW SMJ-120 equipment requires the water stop pile to be nearly 30m underground from the ground.

The entire water-stop project needs to be vertically built on three water-stop reinforcement walls from west to east. The first water-stop wall and the second and third sides are reinforcement walls. The total number of jet grouting piles is nearly 100, and the pile diameter is 2.4m. The difficulty of the project lies in the water-stopping piles. The subway tunnel near Zhumei Road Station of Line 15 is only about 1m away. In order to prevent excessive pressure inside the ground from causing soil compression and swelling to cause damage to the subway tunnel, during the construction process, the equipment ground pressure monitoring system and its own verticality And there are extremely high requirements, and the construction is very difficult.

SEMW SMJ-120 crawler ultra-high pressure rotary jet drilling rig realizes horizontal, vertical, inclined and 360° omni-directional construction. The equipment has a small impact on the surrounding environment through internal pressure detection and forced mud discharge to monitor underground mud pressure in real time. It can greatly reduce the impact on the surrounding environment and perfectly solve the problem of short-distance construction of the project near the subway, which is highly praised by the project party.

SEMW SMJ-120 crawler ultra-high pressure rotary jet drilling rig has more than "two brushes". The equipment can use high-pressure water, high-pressure air and high-pressure cement slurry to create a device through a unique perforated tube and front end. ,Use high-pressure jet cutting to destroy the surrounding soil, pressurize the hardened material slurry, spray, cut the ground, mix, discharge mud, mud collection, and mud transport a series of processes as the monitoring object. It can perform horizontal, vertical and inclined And 360° all-round foundation reinforcement construction equipment. The biggest feature of the equipment construction is to achieve forced mud discharge in the hole, and to control the internal pressure by adjusting the amount of mud discharged, effectively suppress the foundation uplift or settlement caused by jet mixing, and greatly reduce the impact on the environment. Proven strength in a number of projects!

SEMW products have shown their talents in the "major projects" one by one in the market. SEMW services have been praised repeatedly in the "escort". The century-old SEMW brand is well-known in a series of "difficult problems"! Hundred years of SEMW, craftsmanship, great beauty, China,SEMW"build" certificate!


Post time: Dec-29-2021