Gather in Yuhang for the grand event | The 3rd Zhejiang Geotechnical Engineering Construction and Underground Structure and Space Utilization New Technology Seminar was successfully held

     On the morning of October 30th, the 3rd Zhejiang Province Geotechnical Engineering Construction and Underground Structure and Space Utilization New Technology Seminar was successfully held in Hangzhou Nade Liberty Hotel. The industry leaders gathered and the reports were wonderful. Promote the third session of Zhejiang Province's geotechnical engineering construction and the development and exchange of new technologies in the field of underground structure and space utilization, and improve the national influence of the geotechnical engineering construction, underground structure and space utilization theory and technology in Zhejiang Province. Seminars. As one of the special co-organizers, Shanghai Construction Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. deeply participated in this meeting.

    This conference is co-sponsored by the Geotechnical Construction Professional Committee of the Zhejiang Geomechanics and Engineering Association, the Underground Structure and Space Utilization Professional Committee, and the Deep Foundation and Underground Space Professional Committee of the Hangzhou Structure and Foundation Treatment Research Association. Research institutes from all over the world Nearly 300 representatives from survey and design units, underground space foundation construction companies, and equipment manufacturing companies visited the site to exchange ideas and deepen cooperation on geotechnical engineering construction and theories and technologies of underground structure and space utilization.


    In recent years, in the construction projects of construction engineering,underground engineering, deep foundation pit protection, bank protection, tunnels, dams and other underground structure and space utilization construction projects, the development scale of underground space structure has become large, deep, tight, and complex. Development also provides a broad stage for the theory and technology of underground structure and space utilization. On this stage, various equipment manufacturing companies broke international technical barriers on behalf of their equipment, and carried out numerous underground space engineering constructions and urban construction deep foundation pit engineering applications throughout Hangzhou, and achieved significant social and economic benefits. It is hoped that through today's technical exchange seminar, it can provide construction companies in the basic construction industry in various regions with more efficient and economical construction solutions.

    SEMW strives to become a pioneer in promoting the development of underground structure and space construction, and is committed to becoming an expert in the overall solution of underground foundation construction. SEMW currently has TRD construction methods and equipment, large diameter ultra-high pressure jet grouting construction methods and equipment, CSM construction methods and Equipment, full-rotation full pipe construction method, SEMW construction method and equipment, static drilling root pile construction method and equipment, DCM cement deep mixing construction method and equipment are widely used in underground structure and space utilization construction.

    Regarding the research and development and promotion of underground structure and space utilization technology, in 2017, SEMW participated in the completion of the "Super-deep and uniform thickness cement-soil mixing wall complete construction equipment and technology research and development and application" project won the 2017 National Science and Technology Progress Second Class Award, the project has developed a series of construction equipment for ultra-deep and equal-thick cement-soil mixing walls and a complete set of new technologies for safe, efficient, energy-saving and consumption reduction, including equal-thickness cement-soil mixing wall technology and milling deep-mixing cement-soil mixing wall technology, forming a covering equipment, Systematic results of theory, design, construction and testing. The project solves the deep groundwater control problems faced by the development of deep and large underground spaces under complex geological and urban sensitive environmental conditions, and is suitable for water conservancy engineering anti-seepage, waste landfill pollutant isolation, deep soft soil foundation treatment and other engineering fields. The main results have reached the international leading level.

    This year marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of SEMW. SEMW is committed to the development of new technologies in the field of underground structure and space utilization. The company will always adhere to the concept of "professional services and create value". Adhere to the common development with customers, as always, overcome difficulties, use our own deep accumulation in the field of piling machinery to provide professional services to our customers and create greater value.


Post time: Oct-30-2021