Intelligent products + digital construction + complete solutions, this on-site construction observation meeting of static drilling and rooted piles in Jinshan District, Shanghai was brilliant!

Green products, green technology, green construction 

This on-site construction observation meeting of silent drilling and rooting piles is bright! 

Complete, intelligent and green 

Pile planting method solution 

Amazing everyone!

On the morning of September 19, the second meeting of the research group "Research and Application of Silent Drilling and Rooted Pile Technology in Shanghai Municipal Railway Engineering" and the on-site observation meeting of the silent drilling and rooting pile construction technology were held at the static drilling and rooting pile construction site in Jinshan District, Shanghai. Held solemnly.

Leading unit of the research group: The conference was led by the research group units of Shanghai Shentie Investment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Urban Construction Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Machinery Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Participating units: China Railway Design Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., China Railway Shanghai Design Institute Group Co., Ltd., China Railway Fourth Survey and Design Institute Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Rail Transit Design Research The institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai Zhongchun Hi-Tech Pile Industry Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guangda Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Engineering Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. and other units participated in the event.

Event co-organizer: Shanghai Zhongchun Hi-Tech Pile Industry Co., Ltd. The company was founded in 1985 and has focused on the field of cement products for more than 30 years. Its business scope covers prefabricated piles, subway segments and other fields. It is designed as pile material for static drilling root pile construction: pre-tensioned prestressed concrete bamboo piles (PHDC), pre-tensioned prestressed concrete pipe piles (PHC), and composite reinforced prestressed concrete pipe piles (PRHC). , one of the benchmark enterprises for integrated R&D, production and technology solution service providers.

Event co-organizer: Shanghai Guangdong Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd. is a large-scale foundation construction enterprise integrating R&D and construction. The company was established in December 2000 and has the first-level professional contracting qualification for foundation engineering construction. It has nearly 100 sets (sets) of various large-scale advanced professional construction equipment such as TRD construction method, static drilling rooted pile construction method, RJP construction method, MJS construction method, underground diaphragm wall, steel support axial force servo system and various pile drivers, cranes, excavators, etc. .

Event co-organizer: Shanghai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd, the product design, manufacturing and sales unit of SDP series static drilling drilling rigs. Founded in 1921, the company has always adhered to the service concept of "professional services, creating value", striving to create maximum economic benefits for customers, and taking maximum customer satisfaction as our pursuit goal.


The static drilling and rooting method uses a static drilling and rooting pile construction method drill to drill holes, deep mixing and bottom expansion grouting, and finally implants prefabricated piles, which refers to the pre-tensioning method of prestressed concrete bamboo piles (PHDC), pre-tensioning method Different specifications and models of prestressed concrete pipe piles (PHC) and composite reinforced prestressed concrete pipe piles (PRHC) are combined in various ways to meet the design requirements, and are carried out according to drilling, enlarging, grouting, implantation and other processes. Pile foundation method of construction.

The second meeting of the "Research and Application of Silent Drilling and Rooted Pile Technology in Shanghai Municipal Railway Engineering" project group and the on-site observation meeting of the static drilling and rooted pile construction technology were held this time. Nearly 30 experts, chief engineers, and guest representatives from various units were held. At the scene, we conducted observations, exchanges and discussions around the "Innovation and Application of Silent Drilling Rooted Pile Technology". The cutting-edge intelligent technology innovation results and advanced green construction management experience displayed at the observation meeting were unanimously recognized and praised by those present.


The protagonist of this observation meeting, the SDP110H-FM2 static drilling rooting method drilling rig, is a deep drilling rig that SEMW has accumulated over the years. Its main components are of internationally renowned brands. It has high torque, large drilling depth, high technological content, good reliability, and construction It has the characteristics of high efficiency and its performance reaches the international advanced level.


An "Equipment Field Test Area" was set up at the observation meeting site to comprehensively and three-dimensionally demonstrate the static drilling and rooting pile technology in various aspects such as information technology, digital construction, green construction and on-site pile planting. It was created for experts, chief engineers and guests. A visual feast of green and intelligent pile planting construction, allowing them to have a deeper understanding of the advantages of complete sets of products for static drilling pile planting technology, and experience the new heights of equipment intelligence, digitalization, and green environmental protection technology.


If you keep practicing and achieve great results, you can look forward to thousands of miles! SEMW is accelerating the transformation and upgrading of "high-end, intelligent, green, service-oriented and customized" products to provide global customers with "smarter, greener, more reliable, more comfortable and more economical" static drilling roots. Piling technology solutions.

Introduction to static drilling rooting method 

Construction method features: 

●No soil squeezing, no vibration, low noise; 

●The pile quality is good and the pile top elevation is completely controllable; 

●Extremely strong vertical compression, pullout and horizontal load resistance capabilities; 

●Less mud emissions; 

●Has good social benefits and promotion value. 

Scope of application: 

●Suitable for areas with various seismic fortification intensity, applicable pile diameter: 500-1200mm;

●Cohesive soil, silt, sandy soil, fill soil, crushed (gravel) stone soil, and rock formations with complex geological conditions, many interlayers, uneven weathering, and large changes in softness and hardness, the maximum depth of soil penetration: 90m;

When the construction site is adjacent to buildings (structures) or underground pipelines and other engineering facilities, using other pile types will cause adverse effects;

●The elevation of the top of the pile end bearing layer changes greatly and the length of the pile is difficult to accurately determine, the construction site does not have the conditions for on-site concrete pouring or the quality of on-site concrete pouring is not easy to guarantee;

●Projects with restrictions on the discharge of large amounts of mud;

●When the design requires a single pile to have a large bearing capacity, and the technical and economic indicators and construction conditions are superior to other pile types.


Advantages of static drilling rooted piles 

Static drilling and rooting piles use low-noise drilling rigs (static drilling) and burying methods to complete prefabricated piles (pile planting). It is the master of modern pile foundation technology. After years of promotion and application, its significant advantages of "more, faster, better and more economical" such as green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction have been highly recognized by all sectors of society. 

Construction method features:


●By adopting various pile type combinations such as bamboo piles and composite reinforced piles, as well as bottom expansion and grouting technologies, the pile foundation's compression, pullout and horizontal bearing capacity can be greatly improved;

●Suitable for a variety of geological conditions, especially pile foundations with high bearing and high load requirements. 


●High construction efficiency, a single machine can drive more than 300 meters of piles in a single day, and the economic benefits are higher than other pile types;

●Through the drilling rig current, changes in the bearing layer can be detected without pile cutting;

●A simple, fast, and reliable mechanical connection method can be selected to ensure the reliability of pile connection and the efficiency of construction. 


1. The pile materials are factory-prefabricated and the quality is guaranteed;

2. Construction using the buried method, no soil squeezing, and no damage to the pile body;

3. Intelligent construction and fully automatic monitoring of equipment to ensure construction quality;

4. The pile body and pile joints are protected by cement and soil to improve corrosion resistance;

5. Green and environmentally friendly, it fundamentally solves the problem of mud emissions during engineering construction. 


Compared with bored piles under the same conditions:

1. Water saving (90% water saving in construction);

2. Energy saving (construction energy consumption saved 40%);

3. Emission reduction (slurry emissions reduced by 70%);

4. Time saving (construction efficiency increased by 50%);

5. Cost saving (project cost saving 10%-20%);

6. Carbon emissions are reduced by more than 50%.


Post time: Oct-07-2023