New Products Appearance, Re-expansion of the Territory | SEMW TRD-C50 Construction Machine Debut

From technological leadership to innovative breakthroughs, from focusing on products to providing overall construction solutions, SEMW has never stopped helping the construction of major national projects.

At the beginning of the new year of 2022, as a leader in the domestic TRD industry, SEMW has launched a new TRD-C50 construction method, which has been stationed in a key project in North China. The newly designed diesel engine powered crawler chassis has the deepest construction depth of 50.5m and the wall thickness of 550-900mm. It has stronger maneuverability, lower construction height and better construction convenience. It is very suitable for the construction of projects with a depth of less than 50m. TRD-C50 performed excellently in the construction of this project, and various performance indicators met the design requirements, which was highly recognized by customers.


The improvement and improvement of products is a process of dripping stone. As an industry leader, SEMW conducts in-depth research on customer needs, devotes itself to researching construction technology, strives for excellence in manufacturing products, and integrates the dedication of craftsmen into every detail of the product.


In 2012, SEMW successfully independently developed the first domestic 61m construction capacity TRD-60D construction method machine; in 2017, it launched the low-noise and all-electric power TRD-60E construction method machine in line with urban working conditions; in 2018, it successfully launched TRD-80E , creating the world's deepest TRD construction record; in 2019, the TRD-70D/E type, which meets the construction of large depths and complex strata, was launched, forming three product series of TRD-60/70/80; in 2022, the product series will be further expanded and TRD will be launched -C50 construction machine to meet new market demands.


TRD-C50 product advantages:

1. Select internationally renowned engine brands and imported hydraulic components, with excellent performance, stability and reliability.

2. The crawler chassis specially designed to meet the heavy duty operation, the width of the crawler shoe reaches 880mm, the grounding area is large, and the chassis is stable. The chassis is retractable design, the chassis host can get on the car by itself, and the transition is convenient.

3. Strong cutting ability, with the same transverse thrust, lifting force and cutting force as TRD-60.

4. The intelligent construction management system realizes the visualization of underground construction and ensures the construction quality.

5. The construction height of the equipment is low, the minimum is 6600mm, and the equipment can be constructed normally under the condition of limited height.

6. Modular design, convenient equipment assembly;

7. The hydraulic oil tank has large capacity and good heat dissipation effect.

8. Equipped with electric lubrication pump, automatic oil filling, convenient maintenance.


The outstanding performance of TRD-50 construction machine is the inevitable result of SEMW long-term adherence to the excellent quality of products, accurate market insight, and in-depth exploration of customer needs. In the future, SEMW will, as always, be market-oriented, create more Seiko products with "leading technology and reliable quality", give back to customers, and lead the industry.

Post time: Jan-27-2022