Reliable and efficient, the application of TRD construction method in the new construction project of Wufeng 2# rainwater pumping station!

Lingang Bay, Blue Sea and Sands
Witness the livelihood project---Wufeng 2# rainwater pumping station new construction
7000 square meters of construction volume
1 month of continuous struggle
SEMW TRD-70D work method machine has perfect output and has a proud record
Speed up the municipal construction of Bay Town with the ultimate quality!


The new construction of Wufeng 2# rainwater pump station in Fengxian sub-district of advanced manufacturing area of Lingang New Area is located in Haiwan Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai. It is east to the green belt on the west side of Xinjun Road, south to G08-03 green space on the north side of Hangzhou Bay, and west to G08 -01 plot, north to G08-05 green space, the construction scale of the pumping station is 26 cubic meters per second, the initial rainwater interception is designed according to the standard of 5 mm (the scale of the adjustment and storage tank is 7200 cubic meters), and the sewage interception scale of the pumping station is 20% daily. Average sewage volume (1000 cubic meters / day design). The main construction content includes a new rainwater pump station, and the main structures include the water inlet gate well, the rainwater pump room, the auxiliary management room, the switch station, and the garbage compartment.

After the project is completed and completed, the service scope will extend to Renmintang Suitang River in the north, Xinyang Highway in the west, Zhengjia Road in the east, and Hangzhou Bay in the south. The municipal supporting facilities of Fengxian Park in Lingang New Area will be improved to solve the initial rainwater pollution problem in the area. , to improve the water quality and ecological environment of regional rivers. The construction of Wufeng 2# rainwater pump station not only promotes the local economic development and the needs of the construction of surrounding residential plots, but also has a positive impact on the improvement of municipal supporting facilities and the improvement of the regional environment.


From technological leadership to innovative breakthroughs, from focusing on products to providing overall construction solutions, SEMW has never stopped helping the construction of municipal projects at all levels in the country. The location of the new rainwater pumping station project is close to the riverside. The geology is dominated by sandy soil and silty clay. The risk of landslides and buried cutting boxes is high, and it has extremely high requirements for construction technology and equipment. 7,000 cubic meters of water-stop diaphragm wall construction volume, which lasted a month of day and night, SEMW TRD-70D construction machine with a wall depth of 43 meters, wall thickness of 0.8 meters, high efficiency and high quality of 12-15 meters of wall every day The construction schedule can be completed to complete the task, overcome many difficulties such as tight schedule and heavy tasks, and is highly recognized by customers.
With the increasing demand for water-stop curtain diaphragm wall construction in the market year by year, the TRD construction method and equipment construction method have been widely used in the construction of water conservancy projects, and the future market contains huge development space and opportunities.

As the leading enterprise of TRD construction method in the industry, SEMW independently developed the first domestic 61m construction capacity TRD-60D construction method equipment in 2012; in 2017, it launched the low-noise and all-electric power TRD-60E construction method in line with urban working conditions. In 2018, the TRD-80E construction method machine was successfully launched, creating the world's deepest TRD construction record; in 2019, the TRD-70D/E type, which satisfies the construction of large depths and complex strata, was launched, forming the three major TRD-60/70/80 product series; in 2022, the product series will be further expanded, and the TRD-C50 construction machine will be launched to meet the new needs of the market.


Behind every perfect construction is SEMW's unremitting pursuit of product quality. Looking to the future, SEMW will continue to be market-oriented, take technological innovation as the background, and continue to create value for customers through high-quality innovation and after-sales service.

Post time: Sep-19-2022