SEMW brought its gravel pile construction technology to the 13th China International Pile and Deep Foundation Summit!

From May 21st to 23rd, the 13th China International Pile and Deep Foundation Summit was grandly held at the Delta Hotel in Baoshan District, Shanghai. The conference organized more than 600 pile foundation technology experts and industry elites from many countries at home and abroad to exchange ideas, learn and discuss, find solutions and deepen cooperation around the conference theme of "Innovative Technology and Smart Construction of Pile Foundation and Deep Foundation Pit Engineering".


In this conference,SEMW was invited to participate deeply as a co-organizer, and discussed the cutting-edge technology in the field of pile foundation and the solution of various pile foundation engineering problems with pile foundation construction enterprises, machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, survey and design units, industry experts and scholars from all over the world, and exchanged scientific and technological achievements in pile and deep foundation engineering technology, engineering safety and engineering management, and engineering informatization.

Huang Hui, deputy general manager of SEMW, attended the opening ceremony of the conference as a special guest, and Wang Hanbao, director of the marketing department, was invited to give a special report on "Construction Technology and Application of Crushed Stone Pile".


Gravel pile construction technology: This technology is to use vibration, impact or water flushing to make holes in soft strata, and then squeeze gravel or sand into the soil holes to form a large-diameter dense pile body composed of gravel or sand, called a gravel pile or sand pile. Application scope: port structures: such as docks, revetments, etc.; geotechnical structures: such as earth-rock dams, roadbeds, etc.; material storage yards: such as ore yards, raw material yards, etc.; others: such as tracks, slides, docks, etc.


The report introduces the construction process of gravel pile technology, key process parameters, construction equipment variable frequency electric drive vibratory hammer products, and lists the excellent performance of the construction effects and construction results produced by many engineering cases. It deeply analyzes the technical characteristics and intelligent direction of variable frequency electric drive vibratory hammer equipment, and comprehensively introduces the core advantages of this equipment in the construction of gravel pile projects.

In addition, the report also focuses on the two management systems + hybrid solutions of variable frequency electric drive vibratory hammer:

●Digital construction management system:

Through various sensors, important parameters in the construction process are monitored and controlled to realize satellite positioning (pile position), verticality monitoring, stone volume detection, pile efficiency management, pile quality management, construction report management and other functions, so as to realize the functions of automatic construction of single piles in the entire process of gravel piles and storage and printing of construction reports.

●Pile pipe aeration system:

The pile pipe aeration system consists of an air compressor, an air valve, an air pressure sensor, a pile pipe aeration port, an air release valve and a pipeline. The air intake pressure is controlled at 0.4-0.6MPa; butterfly valves and pressure sensors are installed on the air intake pipeline to control the on and off of the air path and ensure that the pressure in the pipe meets the requirements; when the compressed air enters the pile pipe, it can form an "air plug" to overcome the pore water pressure, push the gravel to open the pile tip valve, and pile smoothly.

● Hybrid power station solution:

The diesel generator set, energy storage system, EMS system and related accessories are all arranged inside the container, and the actual working fuel saving effect is more than 30%.


At the same time, in the conference booth area, our company fully displayed TRD construction technology and equipment, DMP construction technology and equipment, CSM construction technology and equipment, full-rotation full-casing construction technology and equipment, SMW construction technology and equipment, SDP static drilling root pile construction technology and equipment, DCM cement deep mixing construction technology and equipment, large-diameter ultra-high pressure rotary spraying construction technology and equipment and other series of construction technologies and research and development results, and communicated, learned, discussed and sought cooperation with the people who stopped to visit the exhibition.


Responsibility and commitment coexist, quality and innovation coexist, SEMW has a history of 100 years, and is ingeniously made. SEMW produces every product with ingenuity and serves every customer with attentiveness. SEMW is committed to providing customers with overall underground foundation solutions, helping the construction of national urban infrastructure, fully meeting customers' construction needs, providing professional services to customers, and creating value.

SEMW DZ Series Electric Drive Variable Frequency Vibratory Hammer

Shanghai Engineering Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. is the earliest company in my country to engage in the design, manufacture and sales of electric drive vibratory pile hammers. As early as the 1960s, it had designed and manufactured the DZ series vibratory pile hammers, and successfully applied them to pile foundation construction of domestic subways, bridges and construction projects.

Our company's latest DZ series variable frequency electric drive vibratory hammer has the characteristics of advanced technology, large penetration force, reliable performance, high pile sinking efficiency, and a wide range of applications. It plays an important role in the construction of compacted sand piles, vibrating pipe-type gravel piles, and large pipe piles in marine engineering.

Our company's DZ series electric-driven vibratory hammer is a variable frequency resonance-free vibratory hammer. It uses a seismic-resistant motor as a power source to generate vertical vibration. It is used for pile sinking and extraction. The equipment uses variable frequency technology to achieve resonance-free start and stop. It is equipped with an independent cooling station, using air cooling + forced cooling in conjunction with the vibration chamber cooling and lubrication system of the vibratory hammer (patent number: 201010137305.9) to achieve lubrication and cooling of the bearings, and can achieve 24-hour continuous operation.


Performance characteristics:

1. Box-type shock-absorbing structure, good vibration isolation effect

● Adopt box-type shock-absorbing structure, reasonably design spring parameters under the condition of meeting the maximum pull-out force, isolate the influence of vibration hammer vibration on pile frame, and the spring vertical shaft adopts one-piece forging to ensure the safety of lifting equipment.

2. Extracorporeal cooling cycle to ensure reliable lubrication and 24-hour continuous operation

● Adopt air cooling + forced cooling, combined with extracorporeal circulation cooling, effectively improve the lubrication and heat dissipation effect of bearings, and ensure 24-hour continuous operation.

3. Large eccentric torque and strong pile sinking ability

● Select heavy-duty bearings, gear pumps, couplings, seals of well-known foreign brands and inverters and vibration-resistant motors of well-known domestic brands to ensure reliable product performance.

4. Low vibration frequency and long bearing service life

● Adopting lower vibration frequency is especially suitable for the penetration of compacted sand piles and gravel piles for foundation improvement, and is conducive to improving the service life of vibration chamber bearings.

5. Intelligent control to achieve real-time monitoring of operating parameters

● Through intelligent control, the operating parameters such as voltage, current, and speed can be monitored in real time, and the operating parameters of the vibrating hammer can be automatically monitored.

6. Frequency conversion and resonance-free starting to increase the service life of the equipment

● Adopt frequency hopping starting to avoid the resonance frequency of the equipment and reduce system resonance. When shutting down, energy consumption braking is used to shorten the downtime and vibration time, thereby reducing the impact of vibration.

7. High-quality accessories to ensure reliable product performance

● Select heavy-duty bearings, gear pumps, couplings, seals from well-known foreign brands and inverters and vibration-resistant motors from well-known domestic brands to ensure reliable product performance.

Technical parameters:

Technical parameters

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