SEMW General Manager Gong Xiugang was invited to give a special report by Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute!

On the afternoon of September 15th, the special meeting on "Innovative Construction Methods for Underground Space" jointly sponsored by the General Contracting Professional Committee, the Structure Professional Committee, and the Underground Space and Underground Engineering Discipline Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute was grandly held in the Municipal Design Building. With the theme of "Innovation Leads, Win-win Future", this special meeting invited more than 130 chief engineers, project managers, and designers from the Municipal Design Institute of enterprises in the field of underground space engineering construction to discuss the innovation of underground space foundation construction methods and equipment applications. technological development.

As an invited unit, SEME General Manager Gong Xiugang was invited to attend the meeting. The meeting was titled "Innovation and Application of Underground Space Construction Methods" and focused on TRD construction method and construction equipment, CSM construction method and construction equipment, DMP construction method and construction equipment, pile planting method and construction Special reports were given on key technologies such as equipment and digital construction control technology.


TRD construction method and construction equipment

The report explains the construction principles, construction technology, wall-forming methods, construction advantages, application fields of construction methods, etc. of the TRD construction method. Through the new ultra-deep TRD technology and typical construction cases, as well as the development history of the SEMW TRD series construction equipment, the report demonstrates SEMW TRD series construction machines have been used to ensure wall quality and improve construction efficiency in the construction of many municipal projects at all levels across the country. SEMW independently developed the first domestic TRD equipment with a construction capacity of 61m in 2012. Currently, it has formed three series of TRD-60/70/80 (dual power system), among which the TRD-80E (pure electric power drive) construction machine creates the largest construction capacity. With a world record of 86m in depth, it has become the leader in TRD construction machines in the industry. In 2022, the product series will be further expanded and the TRD-C50 construction machine will be launched. Then this year, the pure electric drive TRD-C40E will be launched. The "value competitiveness" of SEMW's segmented products has been fully reflected, once again consolidating the TRD industry's leading position. Mr. Gong listed a number of typical construction cases across the country, conducted an in-depth analysis of the main technical features, new technologies, and new intelligent control technologies of the full range of SEMW TRD construction machines, and comprehensively introduced the core of TRD construction equipment in the field of constant-thickness cement mixing wall construction. Advantage;


CSM construction method and construction equipment

The CSM construction method is also called the milling deep mixing method. The report combines the CSM construction technology and advantages, and focuses on sharing the SEMW MS45 double-wheel stirrer drilling rig product which adopts pure electric drive, variable frequency speed motor direct drive, high efficiency, low operating cost, and can replace the hydraulic transmission system. The procurement cost is low, the operating cost is 2/3 of that of hydraulics, the power consumption is as low as 8 degrees per cubic meter, the time-sharing emergency overload is 1.5 times, the motor forced cooling technology and other technological innovations, and the product construction management system technology adopts multiple data Collect storage technology, detection system, monitoring system, monitoring system, fault diagnosis system and other technologies and apply them to many typical construction cases and other technical achievements.


DMP construction method and construction equipment

The DMP construction method is a new digital micro-disturbance mixing pile technology. It is a construction method that combines air and slurry. It is mainly used to solve the problems of uneven pile strength, low level of informatization, and difficulty in controlling construction quality during the construction of traditional mixing piles. There are problems such as a large amount of soil to be replaced, large construction disturbance, and low piling efficiency. This construction method can effectively reduce the resistance during deep mixing and improve the mixing uniformity of cement and soil and the quality of piling. The DMP-I digital micro-disturbance mixing pile driver corresponding to the construction method has the following characteristics:

●Accurate monitoring, real-time adjustment of slurry and gas pressure to reduce formation disturbance;

●Specially made drill pipe to create a release channel for slurry and air pressure;

●Add cutting blades as needed to prevent clay from adhering to the drill pipe and the formation of mud balls, and reduce formation disturbance;

●The design of special drilling tools and supporting equipment improves the uniformity of mixing and controls the verticality of the pile to 1/300.

The report compares the DMP construction method with other traditional construction techniques and demonstrates the latest project results and core construction advantages of shotcrete mixing technology and engineering cases in underground engineering construction information control technology.


Pile planting method and construction equipment

The static drilling and rooting method uses a static drilling and rooting pile construction method drilling machine to drill, deep-level mixing and base expansion grouting mixing, and finally implants prefabricated piles, and constructs piles according to drilling, base expansion, grouting, implantation and other processes. Basic construction method. The pile planting method has the characteristics of no soil squeezing, no vibration, low noise; good pile quality, fully controllable pile top elevation; strong vertical compression, pullout and horizontal load resistance; and low mud emission.

The report explains the research background of pile planting method, characteristics of pile planting method, equipment configuration of pile planting method, construction cases and other aspects. It explains that SDP series static drilling root planting machine of Shanggong Machinery has large torque, large drilling depth and high technological content. , good reliability, high construction efficiency and other characteristics, and its performance has reached the international advanced level.


Digital integrated management platform

How to implement a digital comprehensive management platform? The report uses the DMP construction management system as an example. The content collected and displayed by the DMP digital construction management system should include parameters such as shotcrete pressure, slurry flow rate, jet pressure, underground pressure, pile formation depth, pile formation speed, pile verticality and other parameters. . It can also generate a construction record sheet containing parameters such as pile length, construction time, ground pressure, cement dosage, verticality of pile formation, etc. It can also centrally control the monitoring screen, which can be remotely monitored through mobile phones, making operation and management easier so that owners can complete the construction. Process tracking and construction quality remote supervision.


In the question and answer session at the end of the report, designers from the Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute were very interested in these new construction methods of Shanggong Machinery and rushed to ask questions. SEMW General Manager Gong Xiugang and the chief engineers and project managers of enterprises in the underground space engineering construction field answered these questions. Answer one by one.

In recent years, in order to promote the sustainable development of the construction industry, we should adhere to the development path of green, low-carbon, energy conservation and emission reduction. The industrialization of foundation pit engineering is an effective means to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. In construction projects, underground projects, deep foundation pit enclosures, bank protection projects, tunnels, dams and other underground structures and space utilization construction projects, as the scale of underground space structure development becomes larger, deeper, tighter, more complex and more varied, it also It provides a broad stage for underground structure and space utilization theory and technology.

The National “14th Five-Year Plan”: Accelerate digital transformation, promote green development, comprehensively improve urban quality, and further promote low-carbon transformation in construction and other fields. SEMW series chemical process equipment has been used to carry out numerous underground space engineering construction and urban building deep foundations across the country. Contributing to the application of pit engineering, in order to meet the engineering needs of ultra-deep foundation pits, intelligent, visual, informatized, and low-environmental impact construction equipment has become the direction of development and we have made unremitting efforts.

SEMW is committed to the research of construction methods and construction equipment technology related to the development of large underground spaces. Countless construction cases have proved that SEMW has achieved important results in the development of core equipment construction technology and construction method technology, and has become the preferred choice for users to purchase machines. , SEMW will always adhere to the code of conduct of "professional services, create value", work with colleagues in the industry, and users and friends to achieve greater mutual benefit and win-win, and work together to write a new chapter in future development!

Post time: Sep-27-2023