Small body, great strength, SMD-C73 low headroom equipment, a new product of SEMW, solves the problem of space limitation

    The equipment is too large and the venue is too small to enter the arena... Does this embarrassment cause many bosses to lose a lot of opportunities? Don't worry, the century-old SEMW has already broken through this pain point. Today, I will share with you a low-headroom construction tool for SEMW.

    In response to different customer needs, SEMW opened a gap in the weak market at the fastest speed. It took only 3 months from receiving the user's demand notification to the delivery of the product prototype, which was highly praised by users. SMD-C73 low headroom bored pile drilling rig has the great advantage of narrow width. It can pass through the doorway with a width of 0.8m in the construction environment, with a movable height of 1.5m and a construction height of 2.9m. It is used in high-rise buildings, under bridges, and station reconstruction. The advantages of construction work in low and high restricted spaces are fully demonstrated. The small body and great strength not only perform well in construction, but also ensure that customers complete their tasks efficiently and with high quality.

    According to the "Shanghai City Master Plan (2017-2035)": comprehensively protect the overall historical environment and spatial texture pattern of the historic city, focusing on protection and preservation, insisting on protection during use, and adopting repairs, additions, expansions, displacements, and Construction needs such as underground space development. For this working condition, the future market prospects for the development of construction equipment for underground space with low headroom construction requirements are broad.


    Recently, the new product SMD-C73 low headroom cast-in-place pile drilling rig of SEMW appeared in the comprehensive renovation project of the 160th block of the Ministry of Industry Bureau Building (Old City Government Building) of Huangpu District. It is the core area of ​​the Bund financial cluster. After the founding of New China, Chen Yi, the first mayor of Shanghai, used to work here. After Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize, he gave an academic speech in the auditorium here. This building is the first batch of Shanghai Excellent historical building and city cultural relics protection unit, it is the first to start the Shanghai Urban Renewal Demonstration Project and the comprehensive renovation of the second facade of the Bund.

    It is reported that during the construction of the connection between the basement and the original Ministry of Industry and Technology Building, the basement needs to be remodeled. This SMD-C73 independently developed by SEMW is a new type of drilling rig designed for drilling in narrow spaces. It is strong and equipped with a customized industrial wireless remote control, which is easy to operate. It is used for pile foundation construction in a small basement construction site. The first test pile has a diameter of 1m, a pile depth of 35m, which lasts 5 hours, a mechanical drilling speed of 7m/h, and a potential The hole time is 1.5h, which not only shortens the construction period, reduces the cost, reduces the environmental impact, etc., but its work efficiency is much higher than other similar piling equipment.

    SEMW has been adhering to the concept of pilot innovation, years of technical precipitation, and has developed a series of highly targeted construction tools for different user needs, including PJR160 mini-pipe jacking rig, PIT pipe rubbing machine, and SMD-75 Many rich and advanced low headroom construction products such as low headroom bored pile drilling rigs, supplemented by a complete set of construction methods, perfectly meet the work requirements of complex working conditions and solve many construction problems in narrow environments.


Post time: Nov-02-2021