The 2021 Academic Conference on Rock and Earth Mechanics and Engineering of the Yangtze River Delta was successfully held in Nantong


On May 29-30, the 2021 Academic Conference on Geotechnical (Stone) Mechanical and Engineering in the Yangtze River Delta was successfully held in Nantong. Relevant leaders from industry associations, basic engineering and related experts and scholars in the fields discussed a series of geotechnical planning, survey, design, construction, maintenance throughout the new infrastructure, and the conference aims to provide an open communication platform for domestic and foreign peers, talk about intelligent construction and seek new development of geotechnical engineering.


Shanghai engineering machinery plant co., LTD. This meeting as the support unit of the conference to attend, to become the underground foundation construction overall solution experts as the vision, show enterprise new development breakthrough, sharing new technology and new achievements, with the participants exchange geotechnical engineering intelligent construction and related new progress, jointly discuss the challenges and development of geotechnical engineering development trend.


At the sub-venue, Huang Hui, deputy general manager of Shanghai Engineering Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., Ltd. made a special report on “New Work Law and Equipment Technology of Water curtain in Deep Foundation pit”.


General Huang pointed out that the current urbanization development is facing severe challenges, and it is more and more urgent to vigorously develop and utilize underground space resources. The conventional construction method of building foundation pit water stop curtain in underground space development projects is the most common by the water-soil mixing method. At the present stage, there are mainly SMW, TRD and CSM methods. The series SMW engineering equipment produced by Shanghai machinery is well known, and product quality and complex geological construction ability are second to none in the industry, and has become the benchmark leading the industry.


Then, the report focuses on the new engineering method and equipment of deep foundation pit in TRD and CSM, from the overview of equipment method, engineering principle, advantages, product technical characteristics, application scope, equipment innovation and many cases of water conservancy wall and urban building water curtain project, the core advantages of the deep foundation pit project, praised by the experts.


In recent years, super high pressure rotary injection technology MJS engineering is introduced in China, upper machinery as the overall underground infrastructure construction engineering enterprise, has been widely used in deep foundation pit reinforcement, underground continuous wall joint water or deepening, new water curtain and surrounding environment deformation control requirements, take the lead as a model of domestic basic construction solution enterprises.0107

Cao Xueping, general manager of Jiangsu Tongzhou Foundation Engineering Co., Ltd., does the construction method replacing underground continuous wall, the report deeply analyzes the process of the construction process and pipe drill, through the application of construction field, product characteristics, construction difficulties and the use of equipment, expounds the rich practical experience in the construction of complex strata and pile foundation of different construction equipment.


With scientific and technological innovation, resource integration and information sharing as the carrier, the meeting made greater contributions to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of China’s geotechnical engineering, SAIC has always adhered to the common development with customers, provide professional services for the majority of customers and create value.

Post time: Jun-15-2021