The small man has great ability, and the low headroom cast-in-place pile drilling rig makes the pile foundation construction no longer limited!

3 meters!

It may be only 1 storey high, but it is an insurmountable safety red line in the renovation project of the old community in the center of Shanghai.

Short body, hard body, strong heart, SMD-C65 low headroom cast-in-place pile drilling rig is developed for the construction needs of limited height, and it is used in high-rise buildings, under bridges, station reconstruction and other low, height-constrained spaces construction Operation, the moving height is 2.2m, and the construction height is 2.9m, so that the pile foundation construction site is no longer restricted. It not only perfectly solves the construction problem of low space pile foundation in the construction project, but also shows that Shanggong Machinery is a strong underground equipment manufacturing enterprise. Technical research and development strength.

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It was learned from the 12th Shanghai Municipal Congress in June that a total of 3.08 million square meters of houses in the central urban area of Shanghai have been renovated in five years. This problem that has plagued Shanghai for many years will be resolved historically this year. Li Qiang, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, said at the meeting that Shanghai should speed up the formation of a new spatial pattern of "central radiation, two wings flying together, new city development, and north-south transformation". The renovation of urban villages has been carried out, and the popular projects have been steadily advanced, and the problems of people's livelihood such as "old, small, old and distant" have been accelerated.

This time, the SMD-C65 equipment independently developed by SEMW participated in the renovation of the old community in Hongkou District, Shanghai for the first time. m, the pile depth is 24-40 m, there is a backfill layer of construction waste at 3 m underground, water pipes and other abandoned pipelines are at 3.5 m, and there are contiguous concrete layers at 4 m and 18 m deep. Construction noise and pollution restrictions have extremely high requirements.

SMD-C65 low headroom cast-in-place pile drilling rig construction site

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SMD-C65 is designed mainly for new drilling rigs for drilling in narrow spaces. It has strong drilling capacity and is equipped with a customized industrial wireless remote control, which is easy to operate. The first test pile has a diameter of 1m, a pile depth of 24m, and a ROP of 22.5m The high efficiency of /h is successfully completed, not only the construction period is short, the cost is low, and the impact on the surrounding environment is small, and its work efficiency is much higher than other similar pile equipment.
SEMW always adheres to the market-oriented and technological innovation as the background, and has developed a series of highly targeted construction tools for different user needs, including PJR160 micro pipe jacking rig, PIT pipe rubbing machine, SMD -C73 low-headroom cast-in-place pile drilling rig and many other rich and advanced low-headroom construction products are supplemented by complete sets of construction methods, which perfectly meet the work needs of complex working conditions and solve many construction problems in narrow environments.

Main performance parameters of SMD-C65 low headroom cast-in-place pile drilling rig

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