Sail to the sea | Exclusive customized new product SPR95K is exported to South Korea, and the work equipment goes further overseas!


Recently, the SEMW SPR95K full-hydraulic walking piling frame is dressed in a lake green jacket and is ready to go in the factory. It is exported to the eastern Asian country-South Korea through the Shanghai Haitong International Port. This piling frame is SEMW's latest first product developed and rolled off the assembly line. The product was exported to South Korea when it was released, marking SEMW's continuous expansion in innovative piling frame applications and also witnessing the company's breakthrough in overseas markets.

"Customization" has gradually become a new trend in the construction machinery industry. SEMW continues to innovate, designing and custom-manufacturing products suitable for different working conditions and different fields for customers around the world.

It is reported that SPR95K is an exclusive customized product for Korean customers. Hundred years of work, with deep experience in the research, development and manufacturing of pile-driving frames. At present, the SPR series of pile-frames have formed 95, 115, 135, and 165 series of products. The height of the column ranges from 27 meters to 48 meters. It is highly praised in South Korea. Today, SEMW has established a support system that fully responds to the requirements of “multi-variety, small-batch, and diversified customization” of underground engineering equipment. The technical details of high safety performance, high work efficiency and other considerations have made customers feel the ultimate customized service of Shanggong Machinery.

The SPR95K piling frame exported this time is a new generation of piling frame independently developed by SEMW on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced piling frame technology. "Products are tailor-made according to customer needs", with performance reaching the international advanced level of similar products. It is suitable for various pile foundation operations. It is a high-performance and high-efficiency construction equipment for underground pile foundation construction such as buildings, bridges, and ports.

In addition, this piling frame has excellent performance in terms of technology, safety, work efficiency, and brand protection. Its main technical features are as follows:

New technology innovation:

· Absorb foreign advanced technology, independent research and development and production, superior performance;

·Using a three-in-one system, which can realize single-handle operation;

·Modular design, easy to assemble;

·The cab has reasonable configuration, flexible and simple operation, and unified and harmonious cooperation between man and machine.

High safety performance:

·High-stability chassis structure, folding outrigger structure, complete machine structure developed for heavy piling operations

·Extend the crawler chassis to improve the stability of the pile frame and ensure the safety of construction

·Humanized construction management system, real-time monitoring of construction parameters to ensure construction safety

·Wide the track grounding width and grounding area to improve stability

·The diameter of the column and the diagonal brace is increased to meet the requirements of the dual-power-head drilling rig

High operating efficiency:

· 135° corner column (optional) to realize joint operation;

·The main and auxiliary fully hydraulic independent motors, large-capacity rope measuring reel to adapt to multiple types of construction requirements, equipped with a fourth hoisting device (optional)

International brand guarantee

The system follows the Japanese technical route, and the parts adopt international procurement methods. Most of them are international well-known brands, such as: Swedish VOLVO engine, Italian Seas hydraulic motor, Japanese Nabtco traveling motor, Kawasaki hydraulic pump, American Spoo transfer case, Italy Domel multi-way valves, etc., ensure the system has high reliability.

New environmental protection concept

·Using international brand diesel engines, complying with national III (Euro III) standards, and can be configured with up to national IV (Euro IV) emissions, and engine power is increased;

· Equipped with noise isolation facilities.

To develop a new product and the high quality requirements of customers, there are many challenges to overcome. In order to ensure product quality, SEMW has coordinated R&D, process quality, manufacturing, supply, and delivery departments to advance various tasks on schedule and quality, comprehensively upgrade the control performance, and greatly improve the safety and efficiency of the ergonomic optimization of the operation. Highly praised.

The export of SPR95 full hydraulic walking pile driver to South Korea is a strong testimony to SEMW's continuous breakthrough in overseas markets this year. Not limited to this, Shanggong Machinery has shown strong characteristics in eastern Asia and Southeast Asia this year. Its business in key markets such as Europe, North and South America has continued to achieve breakthroughs, and overseas orders have been coming in, which fully demonstrates the international market’s opposition to Shanggong Machinery’s pile frame. The trust of technology. 


Post time: Oct-22-2021