The kick-off meeting of the Shanghai Civil Engineering Society Standard “Technical Standards for Perturbation Four-axis Mixing Pile”Cum the first working meeting was successfully held


On the afternoon of August 12, the “Technical Standard for Micro-disturbance Four-axis Mixing Pile” (hereinafter referred to as “Standard”) edited by East China Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yuanfeng Underground Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Foundation Engineering Group Co., Ltd. The kick-off meeting and the first working meeting were successfully held in Puxiu Mansion, Minhang District, Shanghai. 13 participating units from SEWM and Shanghai Construction Industry attended the meeting.


Ye Guoqiang, secretary-general of Shanghai Civil Engineering Association, gave a speech first, expressing his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to representatives of all establishment member units who participated in the meeting during the sweltering heat, and read out the announcement of “The establishment of the group standard for the publication of the “Standard” announcement, announcing The establishment of the establishment group and the establishment of the list of members of the group, and emphasize the significance of the preparation of standards and the specific requirements of the preparation. The purpose of standard formulation is to standardize the application of micro-disturbance four-axis mixing piles in engineering, so as to achieve safety, reliability, quality assurance, economical and reasonable and environmental protection. It is suitable for the design, construction, quality and acceptance of micro-disturbance four-axis mixing piles.

The meeting was organized around the seven chapters (first draft) of the “Standard”, “Terms and Symbols”, “Basic Regulations”, “Equipment”, “Design”, “Construction”, “Digital Management and Evaluation” and “Inspection and Acceptance” Discussed in detail.


Du Ce, chief engineer of Shanghai Yuanfeng Underground Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., on behalf of the editor-in-chief, gave a detailed account of the “standard” preparation background and the innovation of four-axis mixing technology, and reported the preparation work outline, preparation principles, chapter content, and existing work basis And preparation arrangements, etc.


Wang Weidong, a national engineering survey and design master and chief engineer of East China Construction Group, and members of the compilation team focused on the chapter content of the standard and the key technologies involved, and conducted in-depth discussion item by item, and initially clarified the content and chapter layout of the standard. , Determine the task division and preparation schedule of the members of the establishment team, and make important arrangements for the preparation work in the next stage.


SEMW as a participating unit of the “Standard”, is responsible for the preparation of the “Equipment Chapter”. The four-axis mixing rig jointly developed by Shanghai Yuanfeng Underground Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. and well-known domestic enterprises and universities adopts digital construction technology. With the characteristics of small disturbance of the surrounding environment and high construction efficiency, it can provide customers with high-quality overall solutions for underground foundation construction. 


The meeting was held in a tense and efficient atmosphere, and the meeting task was successfully completed and the expected results were achieved. The preparation units conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on standard drafting, soliciting opinions, technical discussions, and standard review. The representatives expressed that they must give full play to the collective wisdom of the preparation team, complete the phased work content on time and quality, and ensure that the “standard” The preparation work reached the expected goal.



Post time: Aug-13-2021