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Spring will come. With the positive results of the epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work on the factory in an orderly manner, all efforts have achieved good results.
The Ministry of Commerce's import and export industry, starting from the three aspects of the year, stabilizes regular orders, develops new orders, and consolidates online marketing.
Timeliness of delivery, considering the normal overseas construction and customers' waiting during the Spring Festival and epidemic period, we went to the factory to work overtime to complete the assembly of each product. All departments worked together to ensure the delivery time for overseas customers.

We are together1

After the resumption of work, the import and export industry negotiated and cooperated with the promotion company in time, and various parties are actively preparing for it. The website will be online before the end of March. Make sure that the site is already quite click-aware before the end of the global epidemic, and that it is hosting new customers coming soon.
After the website goes online, layout drainage starts from the details of back-end code, front-end interface, SEO layout, and so on. From the image display, brand building and other dimensions, we must correctly express the role of the leader of the pile industry.

The products of the factory are preparing to be presented to customers around the world in a new form. On this network platform, not only our products, our technology, but also our work culture.
The new model and new publicity let more overseas customers know us, and the new foreign trade is sailing!

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Post time: Apr-07-2020