DRA 13/5 Dual Power Drilling

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DRA Series Dual Power Drilling Rig is one kind of new product with independent intellectual property rights. It is a new update of international advanced technology.


  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 100 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shanghai Port
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
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    DRA Series Dual Power Drilling Rig is composed by double rotary heads, advanced electrical control system and tools set including casing tube, drilling auger and DTH hammer. SEMW rig is designed for multi-functional construction, especially for high efficient drilling in complex stratum condition with gravel and hard rock. The drilling rig provides high pile quality, high vertical precision and less mud contamination. SEMW rig solved the technical problems in large diameter pile foundation drilling in rock, overcame the environmental pollution of the bentonite. It is one kind of environment-friendly piling machinery with new technology, which not only complies with the national policy for the energy saving and emission reduction, but also has good economic and international market promotion prospects.

    Product Model: D13/5

    Item Unit DRA13/5
    Max. pile diamete mm Φ600
    Max. bore diameter m 30
    Drill pipe length m 5、9
    Upper Power Unit motor rated power kW 45×2
    Rated drill pipe speed r/min 0~17(6P Frequency)
    Rated drill pipe torque KN.m 0~50.6(6P Frequency)
    unit sheaves pc 4
    Center distance between guide and sheave mm 655、800
    unit weight t About  7.2
    Lower power Unit motor rated power kW 55×2
    Bush rated speed r/min 8(8P)
    Bush rated torque KN.m 131.3(8P)
    Max. bore diameter mm Φ625
    unit sheaves   4
    Center distance between guide and sheave mm 695
    unit weight t About 9.7
    Distance of Rod Center to Guide Center mm 810
    Center distance between guides mm 600、1000
    Diameter of wire rope mm Φ22
    Joint for cement and air hose   Rc11⁄2
    Supporting piling rig   SPR115 Not less than Spr115

    board pile, occlusive pile, steel- pipe pile, steel pipe composite pile, pumping board pile, CFG pile, CFA drilling, internal drill pressing pipe pile, treatment for discarded pile foundation etc.
    Applicable stratum: All k inds of soil layers, sand seam, gravel layer, boulder layer and all rock layers etc.

    1.Frequency conversion motor, speed adjustment is convenient, performance is stable
    The upper and lower power units adopts variable frequency motor to meet the requirement of speed regulation of drill pipe during construction. The motor is special designed for drilling machines. It has high starting torque, high overload capacity, high mechanical strength, stable performance, and can withstand vibration and impact that may be encountered in construction. It is suitable for working under various geological conditions to ensure smooth construction.

    2. The upper and lower power units operate independently, the force is balanced and the construction efficiency is high.
    The upper and lower power units respectively drive the inner drill pipe and outer casing pipe. The casing will follow the drilling of the drill pipe in the reverse direction to achieve the purpose of wall protection, avoid the collapse of the drill hole, and ensure the perpendicularity of the drill hole. The upper and lower power units drive both drilling tools to be constructed at the same time, and the rate of soil transportation is fast, greatly improving the efficiency of the drill rig.

    3. Multi-purpose, meet the requirements of a variety of construction methods
    The drill pipe of the upper power unit head can be connected with a variety of actuators to meet the selection requirements of various construction methods, and can be used as a piling drill to realize multi-use, meeting the personalized and diversified development needs of the drill in the future.


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