A great challenge | The SEMW H260MT hydraulic piling hammer lives up to expectations and is highly praised by customers!

Two days and two nights of continuous construction, the challenge of continuous offshore operations under severe conditions, the Bohai coastline writes lean glory, Chengdao Oilfield bravely shoulders the heavy responsibility, embellishes the "beautiful oil painting" on the sea... In recent years, with Shengli Offshore Chengdao Oilfield Crude oil production continues to increase, and major offshore infrastructure projects are emerging. Among them, the SEMW H260MT hydraulic piling hammer has always been at the forefront of construction to ensure the steady progress of project construction.

During August, in the extremely shallow waters south of the Bohai Sea in Dongying City, Shandong Province, SEMW independently developed the nitrogen-enhanced double-acting hydraulic hammer H260MT hydraulic piling hammer, which successfully completed the CB208 well group of the Chengbei block 208 capacity construction project in Chengdao Oilfield, Shengli Oilfield Construction of 24 sets of steel pipe piles on the platform.

The project was undertaken by Sinopec Shengli Oil Construction. The pile position of the well group platform is arranged as shown in the figure below. The steel pipe piles on both sides of the platform are risers for offshore oil drilling. The pile diameter is 660mm and the pile length is 79.75m. After the construction is completed, the depth of the pile into the mud is 60m. Due to design changes, the pile length of the riser increased from about 60m to nearly 80m, and the D138 diesel hammer that was originally proposed could not meet the construction requirements. The H260MT hydraulic hammer of our company has the advantage of large output energy/mass ratio, which just meets the requirements of the designer and strives to tackle the tough mission.

It is reported that the steel pipe pile of this project adopts the method of on-site pile connection, about 20m/section. The first two piles are inserted into the pile by vibration hammer. Our company's H260MT hydraulic hammer undertakes the penetration construction of the last two piles with a total length of 40m.

The construction of the third section of the pile includes auxiliary time such as piles. The average time for each pile to enter the pile is about 40 minutes, the striking energy is about 100~180kJ, the working frequency is 26BPM, and the average number of hammering is about 800 times. . The continuous construction of 24 piles on both sides will be completed after about 30 hours (including the time of moving the ship).

After the pile connection is completed, during the construction of the fourth section of piles, the impact energy of the hydraulic hammer is about 200~230kJ, the working frequency is about 22~26BPM, the construction time of a single pile is about 60~90 minutes, and the number of hammer strokes is about 60~90 minutes. 800~1500 hammers, of which 6~9m penetration is very small. After 2 days and 2 nights of continuous construction, the construction task of 2 groups of 24 piles was finally completed.

In addition, the 4 main piles of φ1200 and length 104.669m of the platform were constructed by IHC S500, and the overhaul of the hydraulic hammer was also completed by our company.

This is the first time that the H260MT hydraulic hammer has completed the construction of slender steel pipe piles under complex terrain conditions after completing the construction of Shanghai Tongji Road viaduct piles at the end of 2020. Through this construction, H260MT has withstood the challenge of continuous operation under severe conditions and has been highly praised by the user.

Being able to participate in many major projects is bound to be strongly supported by high-end technology. SEMW HMT series hydraulic piling hammers integrate in-depth research and technical precipitation of customers on demand, integrate a number of high-precision technologies and one body, and have more powerful applicability. They are used in cross-sea bridges, offshore oil drilling platforms, offshore wind farms, Large-scale projects such as deep-water port terminals and the construction of artificial islands on the sea have performed well.

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HMT hydraulic pile hammer product introduction:

HMT series hydraulic piling hammers are high-performance hydraulic piling hammers designed and manufactured by SEMW, whose main performance has reached the international advanced level. Compared with the barrel diesel pile hammer, the hydraulic pile hammer has the characteristics of low noise, no oily smoke, high energy transmission efficiency, long duration of the pile sinking force in each working cycle, and easy control of the striking energy. This series of products have a wide range of uses, high controllability, high construction efficiency, environmental protection and energy saving and high reliability, and they have both inclined piles and other operation methods.

This series of hydraulic piling hammers is a double-acting type. After the impact hammer core is raised to a predetermined height by a hydraulic device, under the combined action of the gravitational potential energy and the elastic energy of compressed nitrogen, a higher core impact speed is obtained, and the impact of the hydraulic piling hammer is improved. energy.

HMT series hydraulic piling hammers correspond to the light hammer heavy hammering theory. They are characterized by smaller hammer core weight, higher impact speed, large impact energy, and suitable for steel pile driving. It is suitable for large-scale projects such as cross-sea bridges, offshore oil drilling platforms, offshore wind farms, deep-water ports and offshore artificial islands, and has a very broad market prospect.

Construction advantages:

◆ Low noise, low pollution, energy saving, environmental protection and reliability;

◆ High degree of automation, stable system, simple operation and low failure rate;

◆ Good system reliability and excellent comprehensive mechanical performance;

◆ Flexible configuration, wide application range, strong adjustment and control ability.

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Post time: Sep-16-2021